All the users of Mac can feel safe using the Ultimate Backup app as it guarantees backup on an external hard disk and provides the data with an off-site backup service. Reading this article, you will figure out the most considerable features of this tool as well as its advantages.

The Pros of Using Ultimate Backup

Nowadays, the majority of users have a lot of important data stored on their hardware drives. Nevertheless, no one is safe from unpredictable troubles, crashes, and many other similar issues. However, the owners of Mac may relax as there is a great app called Ultimate Backup that may save all the important files, documents, photos, videos, music, and so forth. It’s easy to use, simple to install and provides a lot of great functions. Check out the most considerable features of the app:

  • Using this software, all the data is protected twice. Besides off-site backup service, a user can set the backup to an external hard drive. In this way, your data is guaranteed to stay safe anyway.
  • There are no limits to backing up or restoring the data. If you have to deal with thousands of GBs, it’s not a problem. 
  • It’s very user-friendly. The great interface is understandable for any user. Just several clicks are required to make any operation. Besides the classic version, there is the dark mode. 
  • Management functions. With this tool, you can manage the storage of the data on the drive. It’s very convenient as you can schedule the backup, choose particular folders, locations to where to store data, and so on. Also, it’s available not only for one but for several profiles simultaneously.  
  • Perfectly features to backup any data. It excellently integrates with other services, so feel safe about your collection of music in iTunes or videos from iMovie. Furthermore, it allows managing files in The list of available online storage clouds includes the bulk of popular platforms.
  • The tool can backup not only data from a Mac device but also from external storage devices.
  • Customizing folders, a user doesn’t need to backup them one more time if they are already in the storage. Due to the advanced synchronization, all the changes will be transported automatically on the cloud or external drive as well.
  • A user can free up large disk space and have no worries about keeping removed data on the backup disk.

How to Download and Install the Tool

You can find this app on the Mac App Store. It doesn’t require any special approaches to install it. Accordingly, install it just like any other software. For today, the software regularly updates, fixing all the bugs and improving its performance. You may find a lot of positive feedback from the users who tried it. Also, it has quite an affordable price. If there are any issues, you can contact the developers of the tool directly to the Runisoft company. It’s a great solution to prevent any loss of data compared to other backup tools offered on the market.