Nowadays, it’s possible to make a meeting at any place in the world due to videoconference platforms. Check out the best software offered on the market. Lean its main advantages and pick one the most preferable to you.

What Makes Video Conferencing Software Great

Years ago people had to cover a long distance to meet each other. However, there is no need to do it today as there are a lot of helpful video conference platforms. Contact each other anywhere you want. Work remotely. It’s a big profit for firms to work from home as there is no need to have a large office. However, it’s profitable for workers as well. They don’t have to pay for transport as all they need is located at their homes. Also, any employees can instantly contact each other. It’s very efficient as the risk that someone will be late or miss a meeting is pretty small.

Also, you can use such software to meet with your friends or family. Make big conversations with users across the world. Due to such platforms, there are no boundaries.

The Best Video Conference Platforms

There is a lot of great software available on different devices. In this way, meetings are possible whenever there is a connection to the Internet. It’s up to you to choose the most preferable one. Check out some of such platforms:

  • It’s a great cross-platform app that can boast excellent performance on mobile devices. The software is very convenient and easy to use. The free plan provides pretty wide services that are perfect for personal usage. Furthermore, it may be enough for small or medium businesses as well. The maximum limit of participants in such a plan is 150 users. Besides video communication, there is a possibility to contact each other audio-only.
  • RingCentral Video. The main advantage of this software is the integration of other management platforms. Consequently, users can schedule and prepare their meetings. Besides, it offers standard functions such as recording of conversations, different in-chat options, screen sharing, and so forth. Another benefit and peculiarity of this platform is analytics. If you have any troubles with the connection or quality of conversations, you will get detailed information about the sources of the issue. 
  • Microsoft Teams. One of the most popular platforms on the market. It’s not surprising as it perfectly integrates with other Windows services that allow you to plan meetings and easily contact other users. The software can be both downloaded or accessed via a browser. It’s possible to make meetings with 10000 users, which is quite impressive. Be ready for numerous features and options that you can use during conversation. Perhaps, background blur is the most popular one. Also, it’s cross-platform.
  • Google Meet. A strong opponent to all the similar platforms available on the market. It’s a great web cross-platform software that perfectly integrates with all the other Google services and provides high-quality performance. Besides, it can use data from other platforms. The majority of the functions are available for free. Although, the expanded ones are pretty affordable as well. It has a well-developed interface and has quite wide limits of users who can take part in a single conference simultaneously.